IGGI Student Gets Honourable Mention at CHI'Play 2017

Posted 08th November 2017

Christian Guckelsberger receives honourable mention at CHI'Play 2017.

Nobody will care about a video game if it does not give rise to a desired player experience. In our award-winning contribution to CHI’Play 2017, we present a new, cost- and time-efficient approach to predict player experience that is independent of people. We combine two state-of-the-art technologies: general game-playing AI to simulate human play, and computational models of intrinsic motivation to estimate player experience. A qualitative study provides early support for the feasibility of our approach. In the future, this technique could be leveraged offline by game designers to check how their modifications will impact the experiences of future players, or online to unleash the full potential of procedural content generation, retaining control over player experience where there is no direct control over the content being generated. This research was conducted in a collaboration between Goldsmiths, New York University and the University of York.

Christian Guckelsberger CHI Play