IGGI students are champion pitchers!

Posted 22nd September 2017

IGGI students Cris Guerrero Romero and Carlos Gonzalez Diaz have shown they know how to pitch with the best.

Cris and Carlos took part in the CDT Entrpreneurship Workshop held at the Digital Catapult on Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th September. The Digital Economy Network-funded two-day event was both a ‘boot camp’ and hackathon competition for Digital Economy CDT PhD students interested in commercialising their research. The students worked to develop novel concepts, work up the proposals and pitch their ideas at the end of the event.


Cris's team won the Dragon's DEN Pitching Competition (and the £1000 prize) with their project called CycleRack, a dynamic social bike parking app. The idea was based in the existing problem of lack of safe bike parking in big cities, which results in thousands of bikes stolen every year.

Most people living in cities like London live in flats with no storage space, which difficult the storage of their bikes at home or makes it very inconvenient. For most cyclists, parking their bikes at night or at certain times is not an option. The solution we came up with was creating a dynamic social bike parking app, which would take advantage of private's spaces (people's homes or businesses), as secure rental spaces to park other people's bikes for a period of time. 

 eployAIble image

Carlos' team won the People's Choice Award (and the £250 prize) with EmployAIble, an idea built around the projection that by 2020 there will be 1 million programming jobs not covered in the European Union. At the same time, 85% of customer interactions will be replaced by automated interactions.

Our idea was to take the opportunity to create a start-up that will repurpose redundant employees into programmers. In order to minimise the time taken to be trained, we offer personalised interactive training material (website, games and VR experiences) using Machine Learning technologies to boost learning and cognitive retention.