Matthew Bedder's placement at Prowler hitting the news!

Posted 03rd November 2017

Matt Bedder Image 6th Nov

The work of IGGI student Matthew Bedder hit the news recently, as reported in Business Weekly on October 10th. During his industrial placement at Cambridge startup, Matthew, along with software engineers and machine learning researchers at Prowler, attacked a well-known problem in game design, namely checking whether a game level has been broken by someone making a change. Their approach involves sending artificial agents at high speed through levels by finding optimal routes. The baseline time to complete the unadulterated level is then compared to the time taken to complete a level with a change made. To demonstrate the power of the approach, the team hooked up their testing platform to Minecraft’s open source Project Malmo interface, and sent agents though a level, with it successfully reporting non-issues, minor and major issues with changes made to the level. The team say that this is just the start for the games testing platform, and they plan to build on Matthew and the team’s work to make user experiences of their core technology “ever more personalised - and fun”.