Raluca Gaina Gives Talk at Inaugural ASYNC Event

Posted 10th November 2017

In October, IGGI PhD student Raluca Gaina gave a talk at the inaugural ASYNC event organised by IGGI associates at The MetaMakers Institute at Falmouth University. Raluca spoke about her work on planning in real-time games with rolling horizon evolution, and how this fits into a longer-term plan of designing a general videogame playing agent - one of the goals of her PhD work. Getting an AI-bot to automatically play real-time games is particularly difficult, and Raluca showed how the rolling horizon evolutionary algorithm has the potential to outperform other techniques such as Monte Carlo Tree Search. Details of experimentation with various methods for population seeding and algorithm improvements were given, and Raluca demonstrated the approach by showing an agent playing some games written in the GVGAI framework (www.gvgai.net). Raluca is one of the organisers of the General Video Game AI Competition, where lots of AI-bots compete to be the best automated player of GVGAI games.

Raluca Gaina ASYNC Talk In Content Image

Other talks in the event covered topics in Machine Learning and Games, from procedural content generation with generative adversarial networks, to emulating human-like play in mobile card games. The ASYNC pop-up format involves video talks screened online at given times, with speakers available for questions in a lively chat channel
throughout and after the talk. ASYNC events will cover many topics being studied by IGGI students, so we expect IGGI students like Raluca to be presenting regularly in this series. Raluca’s video presentation and the 12 other ASYNC talks are available here: http://metamakersinstitute.com/events/async/