Shringi Kumari

Shringi Kumari

Engagement Patterns of a Casual Gamer and the Underlying Motivation

The mobile video game industry continues to ride a growing wave of casual game successes. This highlights the need for research to understand player’s motivation behind engaging with such games. While there is literature focused on hardcore gamers, the casual player who needs a smoother entry curve and has a unique engagement model is vastly under-explored. It still remains to be understood as to what drives a player to pick a game and then persist with engagement and what leads to disengagement.

While data analysis can lead us to finding engagement patterns, it leaves us with shallow information on the reason behind the engagement numbers. A lot of factors play role in defining why a player would stay or leave starting from challenge to social interaction to invested time to feedback in the game. The research will use quantitative as well  as qualitative methods to correlate engagement patterns with player psychology. By studying games and game data in relation to events inside the game, one can narrow down on the player motivation and needs psychology. The findings of engagement process and the motivation behind it can be very useful for the current casual game industry and further scientific research on player behaviour and underlying psychology.


Shringi is a game designer who has been working in the games industry in India, Germany and a bit in U.K. since 2007. She did her Bachelors in Computer Science Engineering where she started developing games. After working in games for a couple of years she travelled to Dundee for her MSc in Computer Games Technology. She found herself attracted towards the mobile platform which exposed newer play styles and gaming experiences. She has always been very passionate about creating games and more so about knowing the players. To understand the field better she worked across different companies like NDS(CISCO), EA, Zynga, Wooga, Yesgnome, Bigpoint in various capacities starting as a games programmer and then primarily as a game designer but has also taken up the roles of studio head and product manager. With IGGI, she hopes to understand and utilise classical psychology to answer key questions about player experience.


Home institution: York

Supervisor: Dr Chris Power

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